Misha Collins – Filmography


2010 Stonehenge Apocalypse
As Jacob

2008 The Grift
As Buster

2008 Over Her Dead Body
As Brian

2006 Karla
As Paul Bernardo

2003 Finding Home
As Dave

2003 Moving Alan
As Tony Derrick

2002 Par 6
Al Hegelman

1999 Girl Interrupted
As Tony

1999 Liberty Heights
As Guy (uncredited)


2008-NOW Supernatural (TV Series)
As Castiel

2016 The Venture Bros. (TV Series)
As Prisoner 2 / Maestrowave (voice)
– Red Means Stop

2015 Kittens in a Cage (TV Series)
As Porn Director
– Punch and Lemon Squares

2014 Behind the Scenes of Supernatural: A Fan’s Perspective (Short)
As Misha Collins

2014 TSA America: Yeah, But Is It Ticking? (Short)
As Officer Franklin

2014 TSA America: Suspicious Bulges (Short)
As Officer Franklin

2013 TSA America: Just Relax (Short)
As Officer Franklin

2012 Ringer (TV Series)
As Dylan Morrison
– Whores Don’t Make That Much

2011 Divine: The Series (TV Series)
As Father Christopher
– Lips of Men
– Simple Men
– Divin

2009 Nip/Tuck (TV Series)
As Manny Skerritt – Manny Skerritt

2007 Reinventing the Wheelers (TV Movie)
As Joey Wheeler

2007 FBI – Portés disparus (TV Series)
As Chester Lake
– Run

2006 Juste cause (TV Series)
As Todd Monroe
– There’s Something About Martha

2007 Les experts: Manhattan (TV Series)
As Morton Brite
– Can You Hear Me Now?

2006 NCIS: Enquêtes spéciales (TV Series)
As Justin Farris
– Singled Out

2006 Monk (TV Series)
As Michael Karpov
– Mr. Monk and the Captain’s Marriage

2005-2006 Urgences (TV Series)
As Bret
– If Not Now (2006)
– Here and There (2005)
– Alone in a Crowd (2005)

2005 Les experts (TV Series)
– Nesting Dolls

2005 20 Things to Do Before You’re 30 (TV Movie)

2004 The Crux (Short)
As Man Hanging from the Rope

2002 24 heures chrono (TV Series)
As Alexis Drazen

2001 Sept jours pour agir (TV Series)
As Sergei Chubais
– Born in the USSR

2000 New York Police Blues (TV Series)
As Blake DeWitt
– Welcome to New York

1999 Charmed (TV Series)
As Eric Bragg
– They’re Everywhere

1998 Legacy (TV Series)
– The Big Fix