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Hello I added first pictures from theSalute to Supernatural Nashville DAY 2, The photos come from Twitter.
Here is an overview :



(25 February) Salute to SPN Nashville Opening Ceremony Panel Richard Speight Jr & Rob Benedict
(25 February) Salute to SPN Nashville Panel Mark Pellegrino
(25 February) Salute to SPN Nashville Panel Mark Sheppard
(25 February) Salute to SPN Nashville Panel Misha Collins
(25 February) Salute to SPN Nashville Panel r2m
(25 February) Salute to SPN Nashville Panel Saturday Night Special

Photos of the Supernatural conventions do not belong to me, but belong to the fans who attended. Photos were found in sites like Flickr, LiveJournal, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and others. The authors of the photos are credited in the list of categories of the gallery (for example) and named directly on the name of the photo. If you own the photos and you do not want them to be broadcast, do not hesitate to contact me, the photos will be removed as soon as possible. But if instead you want to do so, you can contact me by Twitter @MishaCollinsCen or by the form of the site.

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Supernatural 12×13 “Family Feud” Season 12 Episode 13
Original airdate 2/23/2107
When Sam and Dean look into a murder at a museum, they learn a ghost from a merchant ship that sunk in 1723 may be at the heart of the mystery. After realizing “The Star” was the same ship that Crowley’s son Gavin McLeod should have been aboard, they enlist help from Rowena to track Gavin down. Kelly Kline, still pregnant with Lucifer’s child, takes refuge with a demon after an angel attempts to kill her.
PJ Pesce directed the episode written by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming

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